Suite929 LLC Announces First Day as Standalone, Minority Owned Company

JANUARY 31, 2022 – Suite929 LLC (doing business as Suite929 Global) announced its formation as a standalone company following the separation of assets formally owned by CHELCA Publishing. Those assets – Suite929tv, The Lifestyle Republic, G Style Magazine (50% ownership), Tech We Like (50% ownership) and CHELCA Studios (to be re-named 929 Studios) – will operate under the ownership of Suite929 Global, a new multimedia content company that will broaden its focus to original programming and lifestyle editorial content. New and expanded growth areas include digital, mobile, licensing, brand experiences, and domestic and international programming. The details were unveiled today by Chuck Holliday, Founder, Suite929 Global.

“Suite929 Global is a disruptive first brand that resonates with men and women on multiple platforms and across video, streaming and publishing,” said Holliday. “The creation of Suite929 Global will broaden our business and allow us to capitalize on Suite929tv’s strong viewer base of savvy professionals who are ambitious and driven. We want to ensure that Suite929 Global allows our viewers and readers to experience the many assets of this company in a multi-dimensional manner.”

At Suite929 Global’s core is the creative and transformational television content found on Suite929tv, which marked its best first quarter in its network history in 2022 with an impressive +22% among unique visitors. The network continues to resonate with younger viewers, experiencing spectacular growth with unique users for returning series up +30% in 2021, and in some cases their social footprints have increased dramatically as evidenced by “Just Alaina” more than tripling its Twitter following since the end of its fifth season. In addition to great success in the social sphere, The Lifestyle Republic attracts one of the most loyal user bases among L&L websites (Lifestyle & Leisure), improving in 2021’s “return visit” rate by 38%.